• ArmX1 Rain Cover

    SKU: 000007890
    EAN: 8051411191674

    The most versatile Rain Cover for your ArmX1.It protects your preferred stabilizing arm from dust, everyday usage as well as thin rain giving to you the possibility to access to every part of ArmX1Completely made in soft waterproof high quality Neoprene 
  • ArmX1 Rain Suit

    SKU: 000008000
    EAN: 8051411191728

    A fully insulated Rain Suit for ArmX1.Completely made in soft waterproof high quality Neoprene
  • C-Battery Counterweight

    SKU: 000006528
    EAN: 8051411191254

    Counterweight designed to add mass on the bottom of your Matrix Sled if necessary.Every counterweight has a weight of 250gr / 0.5lbs (M4 screw included)Please note that the image is for reference and the color of the counterweight could be different
  • C-Battery ThreeStuds Mount w/ Adapter

    SKU: 000007895
    EAN: 8051411191636

    C-Battery with ThreeStuds Mount is the necessary accessory for Matrix Sled to grant to you the possibility to mount:
    • additional Battery for more power option (Three Studs battery)
    • counterweights for balancing heavy cameras