• Matrix One R2 Bundle

    Based on Matrix 40mm / 1.57" post in R2 flavor as well as with ArmX1, the Matrix One R2 Bundle let you fly your Ronin™2 from High Mode to Low Mode without any kind of problemThe bundle is composed by:
    • 1x ArmX1
      • Up to 34kg / 74lbs of load capacity
      • 4x Blue and 4x Black springs included
      • 1x 5/8 standard Arm post
    • 1x Matrix Sled R2 able to operate in R2 mode as well as Standard mode
      • 40mm / 1.57" carbon fiber telescopic post. From 530mm (collapsed) to 940mm (fully extended) range
      • Ultra fluid gimbal
      • Micrometric and vibration free top stage
      • Ronin™2 Plate Adapter for Matrix Sled
      • Ronin™2 Battery holder (tilt-able from +90° to -90° – 100mm distance centre-to-centre of 15mm carbon fiber rods)
      • Ronin™2 Yaw Locker
      • LCD monitor support with CG attachment for standard operation
      • SmartCAM Horizon system with separate hard case
      • Matrix Docking Bracket
    • 1x Hard case to carry ArmX1 and R2 Sled plus other accessories
    • 1x Vest Lite with Backpack
     As for other Bundles, it can be later upgraded with necessary components, to follow you in your grow in stabilizer world.