User Experience and Real World Usage

«In my experience using it, I have found a very helpful and essential workmate. The arm allow you to do any kind of shots, from the slowest to more dynamic. The Xtune adjustment coupled with new DynaSpring upgrade, gives you the possibility to use less energy in doing boom-up and boom-down. I was impressed when I saw the result of a walking backward on a little child with 75mm lens and with the arm in maximum boom-down extension. Boom!!! Perfect shot. I recommend you to try it out and give it a chance to astound you… Have a good and safe flights.»

Marco Martelli – Operator

«My experience with the new DynaSpring technology was good. I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing I noticed was that the arm is much smoother. I experienced more finesse. I experience that I have to use less force to bring it to the lowest position. I also notice that lifting the arm feels much lighter. I can now almost let go of the Sled and it will then float to the height where I release it. The arm react differently to XTune settings especially towards the minus sign. I find this more pleasant, it gives me the feeling of floating. Somehow it feels more secure. I like it when I experience a little bit of feedback from the arm. I experience more support with DynaSpring rather than without. This is very pleasant. The result is much better framing and a much tighter move. Less force has to be applied to the arm by my left hand on the Yoke. Really a big improvement.»

Goof De Koning – DP / Operator

«I tried the DynaSpring upgrade in various situations and was very impressed. Stairs, Slow creeps, narrow doors the arm mastered all of them with excellence. Booming up and down feel so effortless. The arm with the DynaSpring upgrade fulfill my expectations completely. I wouldn’t want to miss it anymore and feel ready for upcoming challenges.»

Christopher Ulrich – Operator

«After the upgrade to DynaSpring, the ArmX1 has moved from great to superior. It actually feels a bit softer than another compression spring arm with blue and black canisters, but with more boom range and a smaller profile. And with the Xtune you can still control the feedback from the arm to your preference, if you want a rougher ride.»

Daniel Parmo – Operator

«DynaSpring is the single best technological advancement from any steadicam® arm I have felt in the past 5 years. It is another great upgrade from the constantly improving ArmX1 making it now the slimmest, lightest, most maneuverable and now one of the smoothest operating arms in the professional market, making my life easier and my shots better as operator.»

Zachary Stanke – Operator