Thanks to SmartSystem BURNER it’s possible to update every SmartSystem device with the latest firmware available for your specific product

From release 2.3 up to 2.9, Burner is fully compatible with every version of Windows (32bit or 64bit) and with macOS x86 and Silicon CPU (tested up to Ventura 13.5).

From release 3.0 onward, Burner is compatible with Windows (8.1 – 11) and with macOS x86 and Silicon CPU (tested up to Sonoma 14.4).

Thanks to AirCONTROL, the dedicated app for DigiDRIVE Portable MK2 or for AirBRIDGE ( the WiFi addon for DigiDRIVE Portable) you can unleash all the power of your motor drive and transform your smartphone or tablet in a real motion control.

AirCONTROL will let you:

  • Equipment in realtime (no preprogrammed movement, simply swipe your fingers on the screen of your tablet or smartphone and start moving precisely and with zero-lag your equipment)
  • Monitor all the parameters like velocity and position with precision of tenths of millimeter
  • Create astonishing time lapses thanks to the extensive options available
  • Create 3D Photo
  • Use your slider as Focus Stacking equipment
  • Draw a complex motion trajectory with PreRoll, PostRoll, time of execution and ramp smoothness