• 1/4” Photographic Screws

    SKU: 000003699
    EAN: 8051411190653

    Ensure a stable fixing of your equipment with high quality inox steel screws
    • Cinema design
    • Compatible with major plates on the market. Cartoni, Sachtler, Manfrotto, etc...
    • 100% Made in Italy. No import from asian markets
    • High quality inox steel
    • Kit composed by 10 screws

    SKU: 000002689
    EAN: 8051411190264

    Hi Hat Plate

    Custom plate to fix the Manfrotto Hi-Hat on any kind of 3/8" male threaded products.It can be used to fix the Manfrotto Hi-Hat on every SmartSLIDER or on every Smart Available in bundle with Hi-Hat 529B: see the HI-HAT INTERFACE for more details.

    SKU: 000002779
    EAN: 8051411190165

    Use it to fix every 100mm or 75mm bowl head on every SmartSystem product:Compatible with:
    Bundle composed by:
    • SmartSystyem Plate for Hi Hat 529B
    • Manfrotto Hi Hat 529B
    • Adapter for 75mm bowl
  • Smart3 Rails

    SKU: 000003483
    EAN: 8051411190318

    Use the SMART3 DOLLY like a slider with an INFINITE length.Connect as many modules you want to obtain the length that you need. Put the rails on the floor thanks to their feets or fix them on light stands or tripods.Use them in outdoor or indoor sets and take advantage of their portability.
  • Smart3 Turn Table Kit

    SKU: 000003766

    Change your point of view... Don't rotate around your target... Rotate the target!Use your SMART3 DOLLY as a turning table for still-life and 3D scanningFix your TURNTABLE on a tripod, or put it directly on the ground to realize astonishing 360° panoramic clips or time lapses. TURNTABLE KIT is compatible with every SMART3 DOLLY.