• DigiDRIVE Basic

    A real motion control in your hands. Remove any possible vibration from your clips. Reproduce recorded movements or use DIGICONTROL MONO to move every SmartSystem DIGIMOTOR KIT. Move your camera with the precision of hundredths of a millimeter. Available with V-Lock standard plate or with embedded battery (AIO version). Fully compatible with PC or MAC.

    DISCONTINUED PRODUCT Replaced by : DigiDRIVE Portable MK2

  • DigiDRIVE Portable mark-II

    SKU: 000004606
    EAN: 8051411191070

    Compact, simple and easy-to-use... In one single word PORTABLE.With its small sizes ( 125 x 60 x 80 mm) it's the best solution for the videomaker that needs a motion control in every situation.Set two virtual limits for your movements and take advantage of the Autoloop and TimeLapse functions.Use it as an additional camera operator thanks to the Autoloop function: the camera will move between endlessly between the two virtual limits.Take beautiful Shoot Move Shoot timelapse thanks to the embedded intervalometer and the advance timelapse functionalities via the dedicated App (Android and iOS compatible).Control precisely all the parameters of the motion like ramp, lead-in and lead-out time with the Advanced Motion Control or simply swipe your finger on you preferred smartphone to control it in realtime.


    • 1x DigiDRIVE Portable mark-II
    • 1x Li-ion Battery Charger
    • 1x Motor cable ULTRA
    • 1x Padded Bag
  • DigiMOTOR Pro Universal Belt Kit

    SKU: 000005461
    EAN: 8051411191148

    Universal Belt kit for DigiMOTOR PRO MK1Based on a reinforced timing belt specifically designed for precision motion products, the belt can be trimmed by the user to match the length of the SmartSLIDER PRO used.A colored sign on the belt indicate where to cut it to be compliant for:
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 560
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 680
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 800
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 1300
  • DigiMOTOR Reflex mark-II

    SKU: 000007243
    EAN: 8051411191537

    Designed for SMARTSLIDER REFLEX S mk2. Obtain precise and smooth movements regardless of the camera weight. Lift in vertical up to 13 kg. Ultra low noise industrial motor with high resolution digital encoder. Stop worrying about wrong start and stop in your motion. DIGIMOTOR REFLEX mk2 always guarantees the right smoothness not only at constant speed but also in start and stop movements.Check it out HERE a simple video on how to mount DigiMOTOR REFLEX mk2 on your sliderNOTE: A DigiDRIVE Portable mk2 is needed in order to correctly drive the motor WARNING: DigiMOTOR Reflex Mk2 is NOT compatible with SmartSLIDER Reflex S or SmartSLIDER Reflex. Send to us an email if you want to motorize your legacy product.