SKU: 000004012
    EAN: 8051411190851

    Add WiFi connectivity to your DigiDRIVE Portable Plase note : AirBRIDGE is not necessary for DigiDRIVE Portable MK2 since DigiDRIVE Portable MK2 has its own WiFi connectivity.
  • DigiMOTOR Pro Universal Belt Kit

    SKU: 000005461
    EAN: 8051411191148

    Universal Belt kit for DigiMOTOR PRO MK1Based on a reinforced timing belt specifically designed for precision motion products, the belt can be trimmed by the user to match the length of the SmartSLIDER PRO used.A colored sign on the belt indicate where to cut it to be compliant for:
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 560
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 680
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 800
    • SmartSLIDER PRO 1300
  • LapseLINK

    SKU: 000003722

    Simply connect your DigiMOTOR to your camera and let your DigiDRIVE Portable "drive" your time lapses. NOTE : This product is not necessary if used in conjunction with
    • DigiMOTOR Reflex MK2
    • DigiMOTOR PRO MK1
    • DigiMOTOR3 MK1
    since already present on the above product!
  • Motor Cable ULTRA

    SKU: 000004513
    EAN: 8051411191131

    Motor and Drives quality are important....But it is important HOW you transfer the energy from the Drive to the Motor, too
      • Ultra High quality motor cable and connectors with improved current capacity
      • Not flammable coating
      • Long lasting even in harsh evironment
      • Connector area protected against tearing
      • Professional Cinema-Grade Push - Pull connectors
    • Length : 1.8meters
    • Compatible only with DigiMOTORs MKI and DigiDRIVEs MKII