• SmartCAM Zen

    SKU: 000007552
    EAN: 8051411191575

    Multi-core CPU 6 sensors multi-axis digital level indicatorPowered via USB or pushpull connector with daisy chain possibilityCase milled from solid aluminum, shot-peened and hard anodized
    In the box
    • SmartCAM Zen
    • Cage
    • 1x 1/4-20 UNC Screw
    • Adhesive Pads kit
    • Professional cleaner kit for Adhesive Pads
    • 1x 2Pin DC Patch Cable compatible with Matrix Sleds
    If you need different cable, take a look at our comprehensive cable catalog
  • SmartCAM Zen Cage Rev.2

    SKU: 000009583
    EAN: 8051411192848

    A new and improved Cage for Zen Digital Level Indicator.It minimize the oscillation of Zen due to improper installation granting a more stable behavior especially on low mode.NOTE: The rev.2 Cage is in bundle with all Zen system since June 2023.