• SmartCAM Monitor SM7-PRO-3G

    SKU: 000009559
    EAN: 8051411192862

    • 7" 3G-SDI Hyper Bright monitor with up to 3200 nits.
    • IPS screen with protection glass and special anti-reflective coating.
    • Adaptive Backlight Management to always offer the best brightness based on outer environment.
    • Specifically engineered to suit all the physical requirements by modern stabilizers.
    • Perfectly balanced on its CG fixture (lateral mount / central hole).
    • Special design able to address rain and water on dedicated paths.
    • XTPort for fast data communication with other peripherals.
    Case completely milled from solid aluminum, shot-peened and hard anodizedIN THE BOX:
    • 1x SM7 PRO 3G 7" monitor / 3200 nits
    • 1x 2pin-2pin push-pull connector
    • 1x Resin case
    • 1x Neoprene softshell
    • 1x USB XTDongle for PC/MAC connection