• ArmX1 Mating Block – Special Stainless Steel

    £ 299.95
    SKU: 000009306
    EAN: 8051411192671

    Hi performance Mating block industry standard compatible and specifically designed for ArmX1.With 368grams / 0.82 lbs, made with a special stainless steel used mainly on offshore and aeronautic field, it grants ultimate strength and fatigue durability.Respect the 7075 Standard ArmX1 mating block made it version offer:
    • 125% more fatigue strength
    • 28% more ultimate tensile strength
    • 5% more yield tensile strength
    NOTE Since September 2023, this product is a standard component for every ArmX1. Do you need an upgrade for your ArmX1 at special price? Drop us an email!