ArmX1 Spin Post Bearing Upgrade Kit


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SKU: 000009521
EAN: 8051411192756

With this kit, it is possible to transform the standard ArmX1 Arm Post into a free-spinning friction-less Arm Post.

In the kit:

  • 1x Needle bearing (model AXK 1528)
  • 1x Allen key Hex #3 for spin post tuning

A comprehensive video on how to tune Arm Post in order to work with AXK 1528 needle bearing can be found under video section on Customer Care Platform of your registered ArmX1.

NOTE: Since the shipping cost / product price ratio is high and since this kit use standardized product codes, it is possible to mount on ArmX1 every bearing that matches the AXK 1528 specs.

Some useful links where to find AXK 1528

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