Extreme to R2 Lite VLock Upgrade Kit


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SKU: 000008104
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Thanks to the modularity of the Matrix Sled, your Extreme Sled can be transformed into a full R2 Lite one.

The kit is composed by:

  • 1x Ronin™2 Plate Adapter for Matrix Sled
  • 1x Ronin™2 Battery holder (tilt-able from +90° to -90° – 100mm distance centre-to-centre of 15mm carbon fiber rods)
  • 1x Ronin™2 Yaw Locker
  • 1x  VLock Plate with 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes and Push Pull connectors (fuse protected)
  • 1x R2 Counterweight plate to mount up to 10x Counterweights (already in bundle with Extreme sled) to help balancing heaviest setup when used with or without Ronin™2
  • 1x U-Bracket in order to increase the distance of the sled from the arm and giving the possibility to use your preferred monitor on the sled handle
  • 1x Ronin™2 battery pack to Matrix Sled cable
  • 1x Matrix Sled to Ronin™2 power cable
  • 1x Battery Plate to Sled connection cable


Please NOTE : This kit is compatible only with Extreme sled equipped with VLock plates

In stock (can be backordered)