Hard Mount with Mitchell and Tube attachment

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SKU: 000007111
EAN: 8051411191469

Ultra rigid Hard mount compatible with every stabilizer arm based on the industry standard mating block.

The core plate has the possibility to mount the female mating block for regular or goofy operation simply swapping the position of the mating block,.

The main assembly can be mounted securely and natively to a Mitchell Plate or, thanks to modified Half Clamp with a Safety Working Load (SWL) of 750kg / 1650 lbs, to any pipe with a diameter between 48mm/1.89″ up to 51mm/2.01″.

In the box:

  • Hard Mount Core with 1x Female mating block
  • Michell plate
  • Half clamp for 48-51 / 1.89-2.01″ pipes with SWL of 750kg/1650lbs
  • Resin case

Note: Considering the increasing difficulty in finding worldwide the original Doughty Clamp T57121, our HardMount “could” be equipped with an equivalent Half Clamp that guarantees the same SWL. Since both these products are third parties, they can be superficially scratched even before being delivered to the SmartSystem. Even if we try to guarantee the best not only technical but also aesthetic, this problem is beyond our control. At the same time, we can guarantee that any aesthetic scratches will not affect the functions and mechanical capabilities of the clamp

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