Unified Padded Bag Small


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SKU: 000004011
EAN: 8051411190875

Unified. Two bags to rule all the sliders

Hand Made in Italy by Working Easy. Made in High Quality Cordura Fabric.

Small Version will handle the :

SmartSLIDER Reflex S 560
SmartSLIDER Reflex S 410

Velcro based Movable Partitions

Two Velcro based movable wallets are included

External Pocket for other accessories.

Designed to carry a PRO / Reflex Slider with Motor installed with plenty of room in insert the DigiDRIVE Basic or Portable with its bag.

When used with SmartSLIDER Reflex S Slider, the bag let you insert a fully equipped slider with the with a fluid head attached on the carriage. The movable partition can be used to protect the head from external shocks.

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