Matrix One R2 Bundle

Based on Matrix 40mm / 1.57″ post in R2 flavor as well as with ArmX1, the Matrix One R2 Bundle let you fly your Ronin™2 from High Mode to Low Mode without any kind of problem

The bundle is composed by:

  • 1x ArmX1
    • Up to 34kg / 74lbs of load capacity
    • 4x Blue and 4x Black springs included
    • 1x 5/8 standard Arm post
  • 1x Matrix Sled R2 able to operate in R2 mode as well as Standard mode
    • 40mm / 1.57″ carbon fiber telescopic post. From 530mm (collapsed) to 940mm (fully extended) range
    • Ultra fluid gimbal
    • Micrometric and vibration free top stage
    • Ronin™2 Plate Adapter for Matrix Sled
    • Ronin™2 Battery holder (tilt-able from +90° to -90° – 100mm distance centre-to-centre of 15mm carbon fiber rods)
    • Ronin™2 Yaw Locker
    • LCD monitor support with CG attachment for standard operation
    • SmartCAM Horizon system with separate hard case
    • Matrix Docking Bracket
  • 1x Hard case to carry ArmX1 and R2 Sled plus other accessories
  • 1x Vest Lite with Backpack


As for other Bundles, it can be later upgraded with necessary components, to follow you in your grow in stabilizer world.

The price is comprehensive of your country VAT, if applicable. Customs fees excluded.

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